Fennec: Full-screen flash rocks!

March 2, 2011

Fennec (Firefox Mobile)Fennec is the code name for the latest Firefox Mobile browser.  I was playing with the version on the MeeGo Handset UX (on an Atom-based Ideapad)… and pulled up some Youtube videos.  At first the video seemed a little jumpy… no doubt because of the compositing window manager I was using (mcompositor).

Then I clicked fullscreen.

The quality of the fullscreen video was amazing.  It was like watching a DVD or television.  I didn’t detect any jitter or pixelation… just clean video.  I was impressed!

Other video players in MeeGo are no slouch.  For example, watching the short film “Big Buck Bunny” in the Netbook UX with Banshee (a media player) is also impressively snappy.  And flash video inside the Chromium browser is no slouch.  But in Chromium, if you hit the button for full-screen flash, you’ll just get full-screen white. 😦

This is just one of the things that is really well done with Firefox Mobile.  If you get a chance to play with the latest version — take it.


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