QtQuick: At a personal crossroads

July 6, 2012

[cross roads]This series has been fun and frustrating, but leaves me a bit worried about using QtQuick/QML for the UI of Composite.  While a lack of personal free time was one reason for the 4-month delay between posts… other things bothered me:

  1. I didn’t expect that I would have to roll my own QML version of QTableView.
  2. The way data is passed between C++ and QML is still fuzzy to me.
  3. Internet literature on QML is heavily slanted towards Javascript implementations rather than C++.
  4. Searching for “qml sucks” lands a lot of people to this blog. (I’m the #1 hit! …ironic, since that article speaks well of QML.)
  5. In Qt5, QtQuick sees the most changes and I wonder what porting C++ components will be like.
  6. I don’t really like GUI coding, and am inclined to stick with what I know (things like QWidget).

But these things make me want to keep on with QML:

  1. I’m going to need lots of custom widgets.  With Qt5 I want to be able to port the drawing logic as fast as possible.  It looks like the QML-written parts should port quickly.
  2. I like the prospect of benefiting from QtQuick’s new SceneGraph implementation.
  3. QML makes it easier for users to re-skin the UI without serious coding-fu (a big deal for hipster musicians)
  4. My 2nd choice is QGraphicsView — and I’m not sure my troubles will be much easier there.

Anyway… it’s time for Composite to start moving again, and currently this (in)decision is the major showstopper.

What’s your opinion? What would you do?


One Response to “QtQuick: At a personal crossroads”

  1. PySide-Qt Quick 1.1 is best choice for me 🙂

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